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Before Admission to Cherry Ridge

The professional staff of Cherry Ridge is available to assist you in preparing to move your loved one, and it is our goal to assure a smooth transition. An admission date and time will be determined, and arrangements for transportation will be made.

Prior to admission:

   The resident will need a primary physician to direct their medical care. The resident will need to obtain from    their physician:

• Completed and signed PASSAR

• Medical History

• Physical Examination

   If there is a Power Of Attorney or Durable Power Of Attorney for healthcare, a Living Will or Advanced Directive

that has been signed and witnessed, please provide Cherry Ridge with a copy.

   The resident should select and mark personal clothing and other items with washable ink. A checklist  of personal items for residents is provided. Residents who dress in appropriate, well fitted clothes tend to have higher self-esteem and maintain a sense of individuality. Ease of dress is important, so items with zippers, snaps, elastic waistbands and pull-on tops work well. Our staff is available to assist you in determining the clothing styles that are appropriate.

   Since Cherry Ridge is your loved one’s new home, please bring meaningful items from home that are familiar. Artwork, family photos, flowers, plants and small televisions are items that many residents enjoy in their rooms. Our staff is available to assist you in determining what items would be appropriate and would provide joy and comfort to the resident. If preferred, personal items may be moved into the room a few days prior to admission day, so the room can look as much like home as possible when your loved on arrives.

   If you wish to have an in-room telephone, you may contact the phone company and arrange hook-up and service. A resident telephone is the responsibility of the family.

   Basic cable is provided. Extended cable or premium channels may be ordered by calling the local cable company and is the responsibility of the family.

   Residents should allow family to take care of jewelry or items of value before entering the facility.