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Staff Cherry Ridge is staffed with professionals who provide 24-hour care to our residents. Our Medical Director is a Medical Doctor and our Director of Nursing is a Registered Nurse. Additionally, our staff includes Registered Nurses, Licensed Practical Nurses, Certified Nursing Assistants, a Registered Dietician and Therapists. In addition to providing medical care, our staff also provides assistance with personal hygiene, dressing, eating and other assistance as needed.

Visiting Hours We encourage families to spend as much time as possible with their loved ones; therefore, you are welcome to visit whenever you’d like. When in-room visits are not appropriate, we have day areas for use of our residents and their guests.

Room Furnishings Creating a comfortable, comforting space that maintains a sense of self and allows a resident to express themselves is important. We encourage our residents to bring personal items such as photographs, artwork, bedspreads or other items that bring them joy to personalize their rooms. Please let out staff determine what will be appropriate.

Home Visits While Cherry Ridge is home to our residents, we believe that outside visits with family and friends is vitally important in maintaining physical and mental health. Some residents maintain a membership and attendance at their churches and clubs and visiting in the homes of families and friends is an important component to quality of life. Our residents are asked to sign out when leaving and sign in upon return. Ask our administrative staff for information on the number of days annually our residents are able to spend the night at home.

Medical Visits On those occasions that a resident needs to visit a physician, hospital or medical office we suggest that a family member accompany the resident. If the family wishes to schedule a physician office visit, inform the nurse and we will schedule the appointment for you.

Medication During the admission process, we will discuss selection of pharmacy for the resident that delivers medication packaged to meet our requirements for quality assurance and distribution. Private pay residents will continue to pay for medication through private funds or insurance. Medicaid pays for most medication; however, there may be medication charges that are not covered. Medicare residents will not have to pay anything for medication.

Medical Equipment The cost of medical equipment, such as wheelchairs, is typically the responsibility of the family. Medicare and Medicaid do assist in some cases; our staff can provide additional information.

Cherry Ridge Skilled Nursing Facility Bastrop Louisiana

Residents of Cherry Ridge Skilled Nursing Facility are individuals with varying degrees of independence who require around the clock care. Above all, we’re committed to assuring that our residents remain independent for as long as possible and that they enjoy a rich, fulfilling life. To that end, we remember that Cherry Ridge Skilled Nursing Facility is their home; and we work with their families to make their home a welcoming, comforting environment.

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